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Dunbartonshire Shawl

Dunbartonshire Shawl

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Celebrate your heritage and individuality with one of our beautifully hand crafted Dunbartonshire Tartan Shawls. 

The colours of the Dunbartonshire tartan have been chosen to symbolise the leading role which the County has played in shaping the history of Scotland, and have been woven together to produce a unique and distinctive design. Blue represents the waters of Loch Lomond, and pale blue the Firth of Clyde, gateway to the Atlantic. Green represents the predominantly rural landscape of the north of the County, Black the pathways to the Western Highlands, and purple, the royal heritage of Dumbarton.

PLEASE NOTE Our Dunbartonshire tartan has been woven in a lightweight, creating a much finer cloth most suited to shawls and other flowing garments. Please order a sample for reference. 

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