“International Tartans are unique in what they do; connecting the world with Scotland while doing good at the same time. Their commitment to giving back very much aligns with my own principles and mindset, and when I first came across the business, this is what inspired my understanding and belief of the brand. 

I see the Spirit of India tartan as a bridge to identify as a proud Scottish Indian, which I’m very passionate about. I know many others will feel the same. I aim to facilitate this and support the concept of tartans for social and humanitarian good.”

Our Vision

To address issues of poverty and inequality by producing and selling tartan and tartan products that promote opportunities for education, employment, prosperity and wellbeing.

Our Mission

Our tartans present the opportunity for Scotland to demonstrate to the world that diplomacy, the art of working and trading with people in a sensitive way, begins with giving and sharing.

Our Purpose

With 120 nation state, district, commemorative and military tartans, our organisation supports social good for people and communities here in Scotland and delivers humanitarian support globally; strengthening links through shared history, heritage and trade.

Our Niche

All our national and district tartans were designed with representatives of the respective countries and regions; incorporating symbols, cultural and historical references and the colours of national flags or district coats of arms. The land, culture and peoples’ story are woven into our cloth and the values that underpin our work are social justice, sustainability and common good. In achieving this we:

  • Inspire a new generation of thinking and innovation around tartan as a creative art form in fashion, culture and heritage.
  • Produce a range of traditional and artisan clothes, crafts and furnishings using natural textiles and, where possible, incorporating recycled and repurposed textiles.
  • Provide training, skills and access to education for women from rural areas who face disadvantages, breaking cycles of poverty, isolation and low aspiration. Tartan products are manufactured by graduates, skilled craftsfolk and start-up entrepreneurs.
  • Develop community enterprise with our ‘Tartans for Africa’ Collection and address issues of poverty in other parts of the world.
  • Provide routes into education, employment and enterprise for disadvantaged women in Scotland and around the world.
  • Ethical and local supply chains.

From weaving the warp and weft to India, Malawi, Australia and 60 other countries around the world, International Tartans will continue to promote Scotland’s icon to improve lives and contribute to humanitarian projects as it has over the last 25 years. In this particular phase of our own nation’s history, we are in a tremendous position to use the soft power of tartan for the good of all.