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Fully Hand Made Kilt

Fully Hand Made Kilt

£630.00 - £645.00


A fully handmade kilt is the traditional way of making a kilt. It’s a master craft and a process that has been passed down through kiltmakers for centuries. Handmade kilts don’t have the uniform stitching that machine made kilts often have. However, it is a personal preference and some people prefer the clean lines of a machine kilt whereas others choose a handmade kilt because they want a bespoke crafted garment using Scottish techniques passed down through the centuries. A handmade kilt is an item that people generally only buy once in their lifetime and it is often handed down in families gathering its own history and heritage throughout its lifetime. A handmade kilt is also more easily undone and remade to accommodate a new owner or a change in measurements. This is not possible with machine kilts. The downside however is that handmade kilts are the more expensive choice as it can take up to 3 days for kiltmaker to craft the garment.


Materials: 100% pure wool medium weight tartan, leather fastenings.

Care Guide

Specialist Dry Cleaning Only
(don’t ever try to wash it yourself!)
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