Tartan Design Service

  • A tartan is more than just a pattern; it's a symbol of identity, heritage, culture and belonging. It can symbolise places, people or affiliations that connect to what matters to us most. Tartan is a most versatile Icon and although a mere nod, connects it to Scotland – our tartans and our aspirations are to connect individuals and communities across the planet to the places, people’s stories and the issues that matter to them.

  • Our Tartans (and sorry if we repeat ourselves) are designed to connect people to the core of their roots whether that’s ancestral, ethnic or social. Our designer combines traditional craftsmanship with contemporary design to create meaningful, and (we’re biased) the most beautiful tartans. We weave your narrative into every thread and every dye choice - using a deep understanding of colour theory and artistic flair to craft visually striking pieces that reflect the story of those who commission us. At International Tartans, our collaborative and personal approach ensures each custom tartan truly represents your journey. From initial concept to final weave, we’re always striving to capture history, values and achievements in a bespoke tartan that will be cherished for generations.

  • Choose us for heart and soul in tartan design.

  • Charity and Corporate Tartans

    Establish a lasting visual symbol for your organization with a custom tartan that embodies your corporate identity or mission and purpose. We blend traditional craftsmanship with modern design to reflect your brand's values, heritage, and aspirations. We will spend all the time you need to ensure that your design resonates with business values and the story you want to tell about who you are and what you do.

  • Commemorative Tartans

    Celebrate significant achievements, milestones or common purpose with a custom tartan that symbolises your journey. Whether it's celebrating a personal milestone, a historic event or a community achievement, our commemorative tartans will reflect the essence of memorable moments in your community of interest or pay homage to issues that matter to you.  Create a lasting tribute that tells a story for generations to come.

  • Cultural and Family Tartans

    Explore the rich tapestry of cultural and family heritage and work with us to design a tartan that reflects and celebrates traditions, history and ancestry – whether that is familial, clan association or Scottish affiliation. These tartans symbolise community or family, celebrating and preserving identity and legacy. We delve deep into the historical and cultural context of your heritage, ensuring your tartan has authenticity and will stand the test of time – being worn by future generations with pride and a real sense of connecting them to their own roots.

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