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Beneath the surface of the Brigadoon tartan lies a profound narrative that transcends its symbolism of Scottish folklore and cross-cultural friendships. Crafted in 2003 by David McGill, Philanthropist and renowned Designer, this tapestry of Scottish flora colours was designed to capture the mystique surrounding the mythical Scottish village of Brigadoon. A blend of deep purples and blues reflecting highland landscapes, complemented by yellow for our gorse and broom and gentle misty white, gives us an elegant tartan that resonates with an aura of history and romance.

While the inspiration stems from a bygone musical, the Brigadoon tartan has found renewed relevance in the hearts of a new generation enchanted by Outlander. Yet, its significance transcends the realm of entertainment, as International Tartans bestows a very special dedication. This tartan is our love letter to the remarkable women of International Tartans —a tribute to collective strength and unwavering tenacity.

Within the threads of this tartan, we find more than a design; it has become a testament to the shared journeys and individual stories that brought each woman here. Our students and our makers have all undertaken a courageous leap of faith, venturing beyond comfort zones to become skilled craftswomen and artists, making high quality heritage clothes and heirloom pieces.

In this way, our Brigadoon tartan mirrors the transformative experiences we all seek women and men alike. For every person within our story and that includes people around the world wearing this tartan, it symbolizes not just a pattern, but a celebration of resilience and the limitless potential found in embracing the unknown.

Brigadoon is a registered Tartan
Reference:      7349

All of our tartan is double width (140-152cm) medium weight 11-13oz, if you would like to enquire about commissioning lightweight or heavyweight please Contact Us.

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